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Come with me in a real paradise near my home in ‪Marseille‬ ! It's called ‪Callelongue‬, and it is the end of the road...where the world ends for Marseille's citizen ! Callelongue is the beginning of the famous site of the ‪Calanques‬, where start fabulous hiking paths to Cassis. On the way, you discover Marseilleveyre calanque with is marvelous beach only reachable on foot or by boat... Enjoy the visit !! And share it if you like !!

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Bienvenue !!

Bienvenue chez moi ! Surtout n'hésitez pas à vous balader dans ma galerie, commenter, noter, me poser des questions sur telle ou telle photo. Je suis entrain de geolocaliser les photos petit à petit, cliquer sur la petite terre qui apparait.

Welcome ! Don't hesitate to go and see my photos, to comment, to rate, ask me questions. I geotag my picts step by step...Click on the little earth at the right top and you'll see the location more or less precise of the pict.

Ces photos ne sont pas libres de droit, merci de contacter leur auteur avant toute utilisation...Those picts are not free so please contact me before using them...